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Too many cooks in the kitchen? Don't think so.

We want to get more of you into home cooking and prove that it doesn’t have to be so intimidating. Whether you’ve never picked up a spatula or can already roast a chicken to perfection, we’ve got the advice and essentials to make the kitchen more approachable.

You’re a great cook.
(Some of you just don’t know it yet).

It can be intimidating to get into the kitchen, but we know you have it in you. With so much of food culture’s focus on complex recipes that require a laundry list of ingredients, it’s hard to remember that good home cooking isn’t out of reach. We’re here to get people of all skill levels and backgrounds equipped to take on the kitchen with confidence.

Cooking at home leads to better things.

Seriously. Research shows that just by cooking at home you’ll eat fewer calories and eat more fiber and nutrients. Plus, the USDA explains that even compared to fast food, cooking with meats and vegetables from the grocery store can save you money. And the planet benefits as well -- buying your own ingredients allows you to support farms and ranches that care about environmental stewardship.

We love takeout Pad Thai as much as you do -- maybe just try a homemade version next time.

Shopping for kitchenware can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve narrowed our selection down to only the most important tools and pantry items, and built them to last. You won’t find useless unitaskers (looking at you banana slicer), or 26 different spatulas in our store because we want it to be easy to stock your kitchen with the right essentials.