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We love clementines so much we had a poet write us a clementine ode

caldo clementines poem ode

One of the only saving graces of the cruel passage of summer into fall is the arrival of small winter orange varieties.

We love ALL of them. But we especially love clementines because they are easy to peel, tart and sweet, and get on the scene early in fall. 

We wanted to profess our love to clementines and oranges in general in a more elegant way than endless blathering -- so we had our friend Eli Elbogen write us a delightfully pithy ode.

caldo clementine ode poem


If I had three clementines
I’d juggle them in the air 
before placing them in the fruit bowl
with the bruised pear and old banana.

If I had two clementines
I’d invite Carrie over
for a peeling contest.

If I had one clementine
I’d pull it apart sliver
by sliver and line them up
like crooked smiles on the countertop
before sharing them with you.

- Eli Elbogen 


Eli is an excellent writer, illustrator and all around guy. Check out his other work HERE.

 caldo clementine ode poem