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Our Story


The Words We Live By


Don’t overcomplicate things.

It feels like we are all losing sight of what really matters when it comes to the daily essentials: simple and practical goods at a fair price. We believe that by upgrading and investing in these kinds of basics, you can quickly improve your day to day. It should be simple, but the choice is often between over-designed, overpriced boutique clutter or big-box retailers devoid of personality.

No unitaskers. No clutter. No pandering to trends.

Because the goods we use everyday matter the most, we believe they must be designed with purpose and built to last. We always seek the simplest solution with the biggest impact. For us, this means creating things that are endlessly useful, will never be over-designed or overpriced, and will not be tossed aside when the season ends.

Create beauty in the everyday.

We focus on the essentials that form the connective tissue of your day-to-day. Like small cogs in a large machine, our go-to goods imbed themselves in your routine, working to make life feel harmonious. The apron you instinctively throw on before starting dinner. The tote bag you reach for every time you leave the house. Invest in the things that help you find the beauty in mundane moments.